Postpartum Program

This group included 3 phases of follow along workouts that go over spinal mobility, core strength, upper body strength, and lower body strength that progressively builds in difficulty. It is a great way to reconnect to your body after baby and build a strong foundation that will get you set up for returning to your normal activities. Included is a brief summary of how to use the plan, what is the deep core, and how to connect to the deep core with your breath. You will need some light to moderate dumbbells. Let's take less 30 minutes (classes range from 15-20 minutes) for ourselves so that we can be the best Moms for our families and feel good while we do it!

Why Join

This Postpartum Program is for anyone who has had a baby and wants to reconnect with their core and bring that coordination into a strength training routine. It does not matter how far out you are postpartum, but it is a great resource for someone newly postpartum.